Add Energy Academy FAQ's

How is this different from formal education?
Formal education offers a baseline knowledge from which to start the acquisition of skills. We offer delegates the chance to speak directly to subject matter experts in a benign but challenging environment.
What is the main unique selling point of the Add Energy Academy?
We design and develop modules and courses to suit operational requirements so that delegates can learn at their own (and the organizations) pace.
How do you deliver courses during a global pandemic?
We use online assignments and video conference with delegates and have done so since our inception in 2018.
What’s the process of a competency gap assessment completed by Add Energy?
We ask candidates to self-assess against a recognized technical standards and competence levels. Evidence maybe requested for specific levels.
What if we don’t want to invest in a bespoke course development, do you have off the shelf training solutions available?
Please speak to our AddVisors in the form below. We do deliver technical seminars, blogs, videos etc. to increase awareness on a variety of subjects. We would also be delighted to point you in the direction of the variety of online events that are available from traditional training providers.
What is the minimum and maximum amount of people who can attend the training sessions?
Minimum is 8 to make a course economically viable. Maximum per module is 15, however as the courses are modular, we can multiply up. However please use these as rough guides as they may alter depending on the target level of competence.
What is the costing model?
Minimum viable course fee, mobilization, demobilization, time-in-delivery or design. (Basically, reimbursable against a schedule of rates)
Why can’t we just watch a video?
You can, please contact our AddVisors and we will try to point you at an academic offering or a traditional training offering. These will give your delegates a basic level of awareness on a range of subjects.
How is this different from online courses?
Online courses will enhance awareness and knowledge on a range of subjects. We use online modules but tailor the subject and delivery to suit your delegates and organizations requirements.
How is this different from ‘open university’?
Open University provides academic subject matter along with a formal awarding process against educational standards at knowledge level and (depending on the course) some skills. What we do is to provide learning in the organizational context like on-the-job vocational qualifications or CPD. Our courses are evidence based so fit neatly into this space.
Is this different from virtual reality training ?
Virtual and augmented reality will be a feature of future offerings for some of our application products. Please speak to an AddVisor
How do you verify the learning?
Depending on the level of competence desired we provide a variety of reinforcement events ranging from simple quizzes, exams and assignments. All delegates are issued with a unique certificate of attendance as a minimum specifying the subjects covered and the elapsed time as evidence of training.
How do you keep the course attendees engaged?
The benefit of having an instructor led course is the level of interaction that can be designed in, we endeavor to achieve a 50/50 mix between content delivery and activity, experimentation, questioning by the delegates. Modular delivery also keeps the attention by providing flexibility and plenty of discussion.
How do you ensure the course content is aligned with our objectives and standards?
Each module is designed to fulfil specific learning objectives which are discussed before delivery and adjusted if needed based on the delegates competence profile. Each organization has a unique set of standards and these are integrated into the delivery.


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