We assure competence to manage and mitigate human risk factors to ensure that knowledge, skills, and behaviors are applied safely, efficiently, and competently to routine, abnormal and emergency situations.

The Add Energy Academy occupies a sweet spot between ‘standard’ classroom-based training, and a blended approach of on-the-job assignments to assure skill and knowledge development of the candidates.

Competency, Training and Development Options

A summary of how the Add Energy Academy can add value to your business and people.

Competency Gap Assessment:

  • Audit using Add Energy methods to determine the gap
  • Assessment of inherent and operational risk
  • Improvement roadmap and learning recommendations

Design of Learning Program

  • Definition of role and position competence requirements
  • Design of personnel assessment frameworks
  • Design of structured lesson and learning modules

Development of Training Materials

  • Creation of learning materials
  • Alignment of materials to company objectives, standards, processes, procedures, and regulations

Delivery of Training

  • Onsite delivery of training
  • Remote/virtual delivery of training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Off the shelf training module delivery

Verification of Learning

  • Evidence based assessment and verification of learning investment
  • Continual review and improvement programs









Typical Course Topics offered by Add Energy:

  • Process safety
  • Manual handling
  • Maintenance Management
  • HSEQ
  • Asset Management
  • Safety leadership and mentoring
  • Integrity Management
  • Response drills
  • Maintenance work management
  • Incident response
  • Maintenance execution coaching
  • Well integrity
  • RCM
  • Blowout contingency
  • Operator simulator
  • Chemical awareness and dangerous goods
  • CMMS best practice and utilisation
  • Crisis and emergency management
  • Ex inspection
  • Media management and response
  • Safety leadership
  • Hostile environment
  • D-010
  • Blowout and Kill


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