Get the insights you need to optimize maintenance expenditure and asset performance

Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based maintenance management tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPIs and the asset's planned maintenance regime.

Visual dashboards enable users to quickly identify areas of underperformance and where opportunity for optimization, cost rationalization and resource maximization can be achieved.

Benefits of using Aim-Hi™

  • Quickly identify underperformance and possible improvement opportunities
  • Benchmark your planned maintenance across assets within your fleet or against industry best practice for focused optimization
  • Identify cost saving opportunities and rationalize expenditure
  • Increase your asset’s uptime
  • Easily understand what is causing underperformance, and why
  • Centralize your planned maintenance to have one common approach to maintenance management
  • Focus resource and expenditure on critical actions requiring immediate attention
  • Identify and reduce financial, safety and environmental risk
  • Save time by eliminating manual data review and report creation
  • Identify compliance gaps

"Gaining access to such insights at the click of a button, enables business to be more efficient by focusing on fixing issues, rather than manipulating data and spending excessive time investigating the reasons behind under performance."

Aloysius Peters
Business Solutions Architect, Uniper

Before Aim-Hi™

  • You have no visibility on maintenance costs
  • You have been told to save money, but it is unclear where optimisation opportunities exist
  • You have a gut feeling your asset is underperforming but you are unsure where
  • Regular time-consuming effort to prepare the data for review and analysis
  • Multiple spreadsheets being used to monitor KPIs, opposed to a centralized hub
  • Inability to quickly identify risk and understand the why
  • You don’t know what best practice looks like

With Aim-Hi™

  • Identify and prioritize possible improvement opportunities and focus efforts to enhance performance
  • Efficiently navigate through data to quickly understand why you have a problem
  • Rationalize your maintenance expenditure
  • Identify how your performance compares to assets within your fleet or against industry best practice
  • Facilitates the business case for maintenance and engineering changes
  • Support’s decision making around planning optimisation
  • Automated visual dashboards and reporting, provide a time efficient solution for asset performance analysis
  • Instant processing of data, delivers results in a matter of seconds
  • Eliminate human error, that can skew outputs during data manipulation

Proven Results

Using the insights derived from Aim-Hi™, this operator was able to save over $1.7M in their planned maintenance regime by benchmarking their own maintenance strategies against best practice data available in Aim-Hi™.


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