Get the insights you need to optimise maintenance expenditure and asset performance

Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based tool that provides you with real-time analytics around your asset's key performance indicators relating to maintenance, risk and performance.

Benefits of using Aim-Hi™

  • Quickly identify underperformance and improvement opportunities
  • Easily understand what is causing underperformance, and why
  • Focus resource and expenditure on critical actions requiring immediate attention
  • Identify and reduce financial, safety and environmental risk
  • Save time by eliminating manual data review and report creation
  • Provide transparency on how your asset is performing
  • Increase your asset’s uptime
  • Identify compliance gaps
  • Free up resource time to focus on improvement actions rather than data manipulation

"Gaining access to such insights at the click of a button, enables business to be more efficient by focusing on fixing issues, rather than manipulating data and spending excessive time investigating the reasons behind under performance."

Aloysius Peters
Business Solutions Architect, Uniper

Before Aim-Hi™

  • Time consuming effort to prepare the data behind the KPIs
  • Multiple spreadsheets being used to monitor KPIs, opposed to a centralised hub
  • Regular manual work to interpret data and create graphs
  • Inability to quickly identify risk and understand the why

With Aim-Hi™

  • Automated reporting, providing a time efficient solution
  • Real-time processing of data, delivering results in a matter of seconds
  • Aim-Hi™ will tell you why you have the problem
  • Elimination of human error, that can skew outputs
  • Ability to view data and insights anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to view your KPIs across multiple devices, including mobile and tablet
  • Ability to generate daily, or even hourly reports, without spending any extra time

"It goes beyond just displaying data - it tells you the why behind it, which is an invaluable insight when trying to make sense of big data. People don’t just want to see their performance levels - they want to know how they can make the improvements. And Aim-Hi™ gives you the intel required to do just that."


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