How Aim-Hi™ works:

What can Aim-Hi™ do that my CMMS wont?

This entirely depends on your CMMS, and what customizations and add-ons have been set up. We can tell you what specific added value AimHi™ will bring, once we have had an initial discussion with you to understand your CMMS and how it is set up.

Normally the following benefits would not be part of your CMMS:

  1. AimHi™ will tell you why your KPIs are performing badly, not just what the KPI score is
  2. Understanding of maintenance strategy application compared across assets and best practice data held by Add Energy
  3. Get the insights you really need from your CMMS data and visualize them in easy to consume reports in order to quickly identify where you can improve  
  4. AimHi™ is capable of generating automated PDF reports that can be emailed periodically to you and your team
  5. AimHi™ can also work well with poor data quality, using some clever algorithms to fix your data so that it's statistically significant
  6. New KPIs can easily be added, or existing ones updated by your admin users, without the need for expensive CMMS consultants or software developers. If you need help on this from us, this will have a low cost covering our time for typically 1-3 days
Is Aim-Hi™ compatible with my CMMS?
We will always carry out a data check before you start your Aim-Hi™ subscription to ensure compatibility of your data with Aim-Hi™. If, for any reason, Aim-Hi is not suitable for your organization, we will explain clearly why and give you recommendations on how to improve your data or make your data compatible with Aim-Hi, if at all possible.
What KPIs are included?

We recommend tracking five KPIs, which can be customized to align to your business requirements, but you can choose any KPIs. 

The standard KPIs that we recommend are:

  • Preventative Maintenance Compliance
  • Defective Maintenance Compliance
  • Emergency Work
  • Ageing Corrective Maintenance
  • Ageing Planned Maintenance
Where does your best practice maintenance data come from?

Over our 15+ years of delivering maintenance excellence and CMMS Builds to the energy industry and beyond, we have developed a library of best practice maintenance strategies that are based on reliability data, engineering experience and technical expert insights.

Specifically, Add Energy has built suites of global, corporate maintenance strategies for oil and gas facilities, drilling assets, power plants, refineries and FPSO’s and applied them locally at asset level and in accordance with the operating demand for optimized implementation.
Can you build the KPIs based on our company standards?
Yes, all KPIs are customizable and calculations are built based on your requests.
How does Aim-Hi™ link to my CMMS?

We can carry out a review of your CMMS and identify if direct linkage can be possible. We will clearly explain any costs and a timeline associated with setting this up.

If this cannot be achieved, we will get your data into Aim-Hi as follows:

  1. We will assist in setting up periodic and automatic data downloads from your CMMS into a folder on your organization’s network
  2. A small Aim-Hi connector app will be set up on a machine or server in your organization
  3. The Aim-Hi connector app will then pick up data in this folder and send it securely to our Aim-Hi servers for processing
  4. If, for any reason, this approach does not work, due to IT restrictions for example, users can upload files manually to Aim-Hi on a weekly or monthly basis
Can Aim-Hi™ support multiple facilities?
Multiple facilities can be loaded to Aim-Hi, and each site can be selected individually and viewed. Maintenance strategies across your own fleet of assets can also be analyzed in Aim-Hi™.
Can Aim-Hi™ support condition monitoring data?
This is a feature we would be interested to explore with our user community and develop in the future, as we see it as a very beneficial further insight into equipment performance unlocking predictive failure analysis.
Can I have a demo or trial of the tool?

Yes of course. You can book a demo here:

We are also offering a free, no obligation 30-day trial of the tool where users can log in independently to use and learn more about how the tool will benefit them.

Set-up of Aim-Hi™:

How long does it take to set-up Aim-Hi™?

This entirely depends on your CMMS, the quality of your data and the complexity of your KPI calculations. 

We would aim to set-up clients in 7 to 30 days of sign-up. During this time, we will work closely with your IT and data team to set-up and test Aim-Hi in a robust manner, to ensure it will add value to your business.

If, for any reason, Aim-Hi is not suitable for your organization, we will explain clearly why and give you recommendations on how to improve your data and make it compatible with Aim-Hi, if at all possible.


What is the process for onboarding?

Onboarding will typically follow these 4 or 7 steps, depending if your CMMS can be directly linked to Aim-Hi:

  1. Identify CMMS and KPIs required and frequency of calculation
  2. Agree KPI calculations with client
  3. Create and test KPI calculations in Aim-Hi
  4. Link Aim-Hi directly to CMMS if possible


  1. Set up automatic CMMS downloads of KPI data and planned maintenance
  2. Install and test data push app on client machine
  3. Provide client with logins and training guide and support information
What do I need to do on my end for the data to load into Aim-Hi™?
  1. Provide Add Energy with a sample of your data
  2. We will then review and advise the proposed process for data loading based on any restrictions identified
Can I brand Aim-Hi™ with our organization’s colour’s and logo?
KPI PDF reports can be branded, but the user interface cannot. Branding the user interface can be developed in the future if user demand justifies it.
How can you be sure my data will work?
Add Energy will conduct a free test sample to ensure your data is compatible with Aim-Hi™

Usage and security:

Does Aim-Hi™ support single sign on and two factor authentication with our organisational user accounts?
Yes, additional costs will apply by purchasing a premium subscription.
Is my data safe?
Connections to Aim-Hi are over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is encrypted. Data is stored on Amazon data centers which adhere to the latest ISO 27001 security standards. All passwords and sensitive data are encrypted using industry best practice. Each user has a secure access token which permits them to see data belonging to them so it is not possible to see anyone else’s data.
Will my data be backed up?
As part of your subscription, data will be automatically backed up every time it is sent from the Aim-Hi connector app to Aim-Hi. This can easily be recovered if there are any issues. Because the data is a copy of what exists in a client's CMMS, no master data is at risk when using Aim-Hi™.
What uptime do you guarantee for Aim-Hi™?
This will be laid out in the service level agreement that is part of the sign-up process for Aim-Hi. The uptime can be higher than normal levels if clients require, if a more premium subscription is purchased.
How will you support Aim-Hi™?
We will offer email and phone support, which is included in the subscription. Genuine critical bugs will be fixed free of charge but requests for changes to the system will be reviewed on a case by case basis and any costs will be transparently shared with you. Bugs which do not impede the use of the software will be prioritised and fixed as per the support agreement terms.


Will you use my data for advertising or any other reason?
This is clearly laid out in our privacy policy, which you will be able to review before signing up to Aim-Hi. We will never use your data without your permission. For example, if you want us to analyse your data to give you a road map for improvement as part of the gold package or ad-hoc analysis, we would then look at your data with your permission. Also to set-up the system, we will carry out a data check to ensure your data is of reasonable quality to work with Aim-Hi. We will also send you reports if you request, on a weekly or monthly basis with details of your KPIs.
Can you sign an NDA to ensure my data is kept confidential and is not shared with 3rd parties without permission?
NDAs can be signed by both parties to ensure confidentiality of your data. We have a template NDA agreement we can send but are happy to look at any standard NDA agreement that you have.


Book your free demo

Your demo will allow you to:

  • Understand more about how Aim-Hi™ works, and how you and your team can use it
  • Learn more about the data required to run the analysis  
  • Get answers to any questions you have