Manage and control your fixed assets in real time through an automated change management solution


AssetVoice™ combines features from asset management, change management, and real-time location systems into one integrated solution to make your assets self-aware.

This integrated software and hardware solution utilizes RFID technology, IoT sensors and cloud services to give your assets a voice! You can now monitor, track and produce analytics for the stocked, stored and fitted components of your operating asset throughout their lifecycle in real time.

""Using proven RFID hardware combined with the AssetVoice™ software creates a digital twin of our assets. By having accurate, real-time visibility of our equipment, we can make our assets self-aware to monitor and manage how they change at the click of a button.""

Challenges you may face:

  • No live visibility on equipment states or locations
  • Uncontrolled change process
  • Theft or misplacement of equipment
  • Outdated and inaccurate asset register
  • Unavailability and holding stock for equipment you no longer have

The value you can get:

  • Reliable and auto-sustained single source of data for assets location, state and availability
  • Enforced compliance to standardized change procedures
  • Central repository for asset lifecycle data
  • Less human intervention – more data reliability
  • Live custom alerts and notifications for change, unavailability, misplacement or theft
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Predictive analytics for asset register and maintenance data: 
    • Health insights
    • Condition monitoring
    • Cost degradation

AssetVoice™ Can be used and applied across various industries and scenarios

Below are some examples of AssetVoice™ in action and how it can be integrated into various industries

Track replacement parts

Find out if you have a needed part in store and track its movement from source to installation.

Track Equipment / Medication Location and Movement

Attach tags to equipment / medication / samples and track their movements and locations


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