Drilling performance review of Lundin’s Brynhild project


Add Energy performed a review of planning and execution performance to uncover potential underlying reasons for a time over run on the first production well, with suggested improvements for the next wells and for future developments.

Why Did The Client Enage Us?

  • The Brynhild field was Lundin Norway’s first subsea field development as an operator.
  • The (3) production wells up to 5,000 m long, with horizontal sections of 1,000 m, and (1) injection well were to be drilled with the Mærsk Guardian jack-up rig. The drilling and completion of the first well had taken substantial longer time than planned, caused by multiple incidents: Waiting on weather, multiple re-drills of the 12 ¼” section, drilling and completion equipment failures, unexpected high level of H2S in well flow and direct human errors. The Lundin management wished to get an answer to: “Are all the incidents just bad luck or is it more to it?”

What We Did

A series of confidential interviews were conducted of Service personnel, Maersk personnel and Lundin personnel at their respective work locations. The interviewed persons answered the questions professionally and openly.

The Analysis
The information obtained from interviews combined with review of plans, programs and procedures formed the basis for the analysis. Lundin had executed a field development in a record breaking short time of 1.5 years from PDO to spud – a true fast track project.

In retrospect, some strengthening of the organization and clarity in communication lines should have taken place, along with improved operational risk management, improved quality of rig selection process and contingencies in well cost estimates. Batch running of casing and completion strings which could have given improved efficiency was overridden by the first oil priority.


We concluded that causes were related to a mix of technical (= bad luck), human, and organizational failures. We saw no apparent link between causes of these incidents and the technical performance of the rig’s equipment. The report was presented to entire team, with a list of suggested improvements

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""I'm very pleased with the process and the high quality of the report. Several very interesting and pertinent points that will highly benefit our organization and our ability/willingness to continuously improve." "

Lundin's COO Alex Schneiter