Reduce time and improve accuracy in digitalizing asset information 

ePAV™ is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct a PAV, inventory audit or any field data collection and verification exercise with 4 times more accuracy and in half the time.

With standardised and pre-populated data points, the app eliminates human error, standardizes data from source and eliminates the requirement for post walk down data processing.

This provides clients with a cost effective and efficient solution to obtaining accurate data that is required for optimized asset, maintenance and materials management.

Challenges you may currently face:

  • Data collection can be tedious and difficult to thoroughly conduct whilst verifying equipment existence and collecting key information 
  • Handwritten data in the field is difficult to decrypt once back in the office
  • Inaccuracies and inconsistencies in data can make processing and data interpretation difficult
  • Processing the data captured in the field can take months depending on the quality

The value you can get from ePAV:

  • Reduces the time required to complete a verification and data collection project 
  • Improves the accuracy of information gathered at site 
  • Helps to ensure there are no gaps in data by steering the team to populate every field to give you a complete and accurate equipment database
  • Smart autofill and autocomplete technologies ensure data is kept standardized and consistent 
  • Data captured in the field is auto populated into a bespoke CMMS load sheet, eliminating the need for post-walkdown data entry
  • Photos taken within the app are hyperlinked in the load sheet for ease of access and referencing 
  • Quickly improve the accuracy and completeness of name plate data, including Make, Model Manufacturer information required for spare parts
  • Optional RFID capabilities within the app allow you to assign RFID tags to equipment during inspections at a minimum cost and effort  
  • Track and manage the life of your RFID tagged equipment with Add Energy’s AssetVoice™ software


Compared with capturing data by hand or utilizing photographs of equipment to populate data, the ePAV app is proven to be:

  • over 4x more accurate and thorough in collecting equipment information
  • 53% more time efficient 

In addition to the main data collection feature of ePAV, the app is also capable of:

  • Validating existing database information
  • Verifying or identifying the equipment’s location in the functional location hierarchy
  • Capturing equipment status
  • Identifying visible damage

ePAV is 100% customizable enabling users to:

  • Specify the data input fields required
  • Define the data standard for inputting (characteristics, naming conventions, etc.)
  • Add drop down answers to eliminate human error 
  • Assure the output of the load sheets are compatible with your CMMS for direct loading of data back into the system

"“ePAV’s dynamic interface keeps users moving forward quickly with data collection and avoids the 'repetitive data-entry' feel that may lead to complacency and human induced error.”"

5 steps to using ePAV:

  1. Upon project kick off (whether it be a physical asset verification, a warehouse inventory audit, etc), Add Energy will request a download of your current master dataset

  2. The ePAV app will then be set up to customize it to your dataset, requirements/standards, and CMMS  

  3. Add Energy will send a team of trained engineers to the site to complete the data collection process on your behalf. Alternatively, Add Energy can provide a short training session for your own team to utilize the app and complete the data collection process 

  4. While the team is collecting data in the field, a technician from an Add Energy office will be providing technical support as well as checking the quality of the work as it is completed daily 

  5. Once the team in the field has completed the data collection process, a final QA/QC will be completed before issuing the final load sheets

Free webinar: Delve into your asset and unlock efficiencies

Techniques and advice on how to efficiently and effectively develop an accurate digital twin.


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