Inventory Management Optimization

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Reducing your OPEX expenditure through an optimized spares inventory

Understand how you can optimize your spares holding to save money, unlock efficiencies and reduce risk.

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Rationalize materials expenditure
  • Eliminate time wastage
  • Remove capital tied up in unnecessary stock
  • Minimize risk of purchasing spares at premium prices
  • Optimize stock levels

Challenges you may currently face:

  • We waste money purchasing the wrong spares
  • Our inventory costs are extremely high, and we have no way of understanding how to rationalize them
  • We have no visibility on what we hold vs what we need to stock
  • We do not have the time or resources available to build accurate BoMs
  • Outdated spares are being held for equipment that has been modified, upgraded, or disposed of
  • We waste time and money sourcing the correct parts due to free text requests being made in the CMMS
  • We can’t source the spares we need due to obsolescence
  • We have no visibility on the make, model and manufacturer information required for ordering the correct parts
  • Spare parts are not being preserved correctly, inducing premature failure post installation
  • We lose sight of the location of spares

The value you can get:

  • We uncover and provide actionable insights on cost saving opportunities relating to materials management
  • We can advise an optimal spares holding, utilizing our expert experience, risk and cost analysis
  • Our subject matter experts can help you make informed decisions on suitable repair and spares strategies
  • We have a no obligation FREE return on investment (ROI) calculator to expose the costs and risk associated with missing BoMs
  • Our OptiBoM™ software provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to BoM creation
  • We can implement solutions directly into the CMMS to realize the benefits quickly  
  • We can help you identify the spares required to execute work and build it into your maintenance plans
  • Our AssetVoice™ software can autonomously track your equipment so you can locate spares at the touch of a button

"The insights provided by the experts at Add Energy have enabled us to make informed decisions on our spares holding. In understanding the risks, we were able to alter our sparing strategy to mitigate the effects of downtime and streamline maintenance execution."


  • Identified $20,000,000 worth of unnecessary stock being held, caused by poor data standards which resulted in ordering duplications of equipment
  • Built 350 unique BoMs in a 2-week project across all disciplines
  • Identified $1.5M worth of obsolete spares associated with a modified package
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