Maintenance Improvement Study

Unlock the potential of your assets, people and CMMS

Gain actionable insights and a detailed roadmap designed to optimise your expenditure, unlock efficiencies and enhance safety.

From our experience of analysing over 1,000 assets worldwide across the energy and utility sectors, our team of consultants and bespoke software can:

  • Drill deep into your data
  • Benchmark your current performance against industry best practice
  • Fully investigate problem areas
  • Deliver you a highly detailed action plan for improving the performance of your asset

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Challenges you may face

  • You’re swamped with day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • You don’t have time to undertake this type of work yourself
  • You have a gut feeling your asset is underperforming, but unsure where
  • Your team isn’t equipped to do this type of work
  • Your data is complex, or potentially incomplete
  • You don’t know where to start

What value can we deliver?

  • Understand how your asset is performing compared to industry best practice
  • Identify and prioritise improvement opportunities for your asset
  • Identify quick wins to optimise asset performance and maintenance expenditure
  • Gain transparency around your costs, and discover optimisation opportunities
  • Increase production
  • Reduce the risk of reputational damage caused by safety incidents

Our results

We have delivered maintenance improvement studies for our clients across the globe. Our clients include drilling contractors, gas processing plants, power generation facilities, mining plants, FPSO’s, oil and gas operators and refineries.

Here are some of our results:

  • Saved $20,000,000 on annual planned maintenance expenditure through optimisation of frequencies, man hours and job plans
  • Identified over $1,700,000 of annual maintenance savings during a 2 week study
  • Saved over 13,000 planned maintenance man hours on 20 equipment types
  • Enhanced production uptime by 11% through maintenance optimisation improvements recommended by Add Energy
  • Saved 11,500 man hours associated with planned maintenance through equipment criticality improvements
  • Saved over $450,000 of planned maintenance through routing and nesting of work orders
  • Identified over $1,500,000 of spares in stores that were not required to hold as stock


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