Reducing your maintenance expenditure by ensuring immediate access to operational spare parts

OptiBoM™ is the industry-leading bill of materials (BoMs) library database, offering direct access to records of spare part data.


  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Rationalise maintenance expenditure
  • Eliminate time wastage
  • Remove capital tied up in unnecessary stock
  • Minimize risk of purchasing spares at premium prices
  • Improve the Management of Change process

“The database helped us to bridge the gap between operations and procurement ensuring spare part information is available on demand, so that part sourcing can be executed efficiently and on time.”

Challenges you may face

  • We do not have the time available to build BoMs
  • We waste money on purchasing the wrong spares
  • Not enough resources to focus on secondary tasks
  • Equipment changes and BoM data has not been updated in the CMMS due to poor management of change
  • Spare parts are being sourced through free text requests
  • Our inventory costs are extremely high, and we have no way of understanding how to rationalise them
  • No understanding of equipment that is obsolete, or foresight on upcoming obsolescence
  • Poor base data in the asset register, including missing or inaccurate make, model, and manufacturer information
  • The asset register does not reflect reality, we have limited visibility of equipment on the asset and therefore the spares required
  • Spare parts in the CMMS have not been verified as “correct” with the manufacturers
  • We waste time during part sourcing by trying to locate the correct specifications for equipment required
  • We have no visibility on what is in stock vs what we need to stock

Value we can deliver

  • No obligation FREE return on investment (ROI) calculator to understand the costs associated with missing BoMs
  • BoMs can be directly mapped into the clients CMMS where common equipment exists in the asset register and OptiBoM™, providing a cost-efficient solution to part sourcing
  • Our expert team of materials experts provides an efficient solution to BoM development, utilising our extensive relationships with manufactures, we take on the burden
  • BoM data is delivered in bespoke CMMS upload templates and successful implementation is verified by Add Energy’s CMMS Analysts
  • Provides insights on cost saving opportunities through identification of interchangeability options to optimise spares holding
  • Reduces equipment downtime by enabling users to quickly identify where all common spare parts are stored for the purposes of “cannibalising” parts for critical equipment

BoM data impact assessment

Add Energy’s BoM Calculator was used to identify the extent of missing BoMs in the CMMS, and the impact this had in terms of equipment downtime and unnecessary expenditure.

Using the assets production capacity statistics and benchmarking against industry norms, Add Energy found:

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