OptiBoM™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the final deliverable of a BoM enrichment project?
Bespoke CMMS upload templates for direct loading into your CMMS containing BoM data, list of equipment that is obsolete and definition of min/max levels for optimal spares holding
How much does it cost?

Unit pricing is available per BoM delivered through direct mapping from OptiBoM™.

Manual part sourcing costs are based on our norms, which dictate that 5 BoMs (with average of 20 spares) can be built per person per day. The total cost is calculated by number of BoMs x time required x hourly rate.

For more information on pricing, please contact us.
How long does it typically take to manually build a BoM using OptiBoM™?
Add Energy’s norms dictate that 5 BoMs (with 20 spare parts) can be built per day per person. The project timeline can be significantly shortened using a larger team depending on the client requirements. 
Why should OptiBoM™ be used for manual part sourcing?
UAlthough a specific model of an equipment may not be identified within OptiBoM™, there is a high possibility that due to interchangeability of spares across various equipment, the spare parts required are in OptiBoM™. This will allow for efficiencies to be gained through the potential of the BoM being created automatically, and then assigned to the equipment when it has been loaded into OptiBoM™.
Which CMMS’s are compatible with OptiBoM™?
Any CMMS is compatible with OptiBoM™. Bespoke CMMS upload templates are created for each project and are customized to suit the requirements for loading the data back into the CMMS.
How can I build the business case for a BoM improvement project to communicate to my manager?

Add Energy offers a free BoM data impact assessment to determine how much missing BoMs is costing your asset across:

  1. Potential downtime risks
  2. Maintenance Expenditure
  3. Supply chain costs
  4. Unused spares
Contact us to find out more.

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