There are two main features of how OptiBoM™ can be used to populate your BoM data, these include:


In utilizing our client’s asset register data, including the make, model, manufacturer, and part numbers, Add Energy can compare this information against the BoM data available in OptiBoM™ - providing a percentage match statistic for BoM data that can be mapped directly into the client’s CMMS through commonalities.

This solution enables BoM data to be instantly populated, enabling efficiencies and gains to be unlocked quicker.


Where BoMs cannot be directly mapped from OptiBoM™, Add Energy’s team of engineers and materials specialists, source BoM data on our client’s behalf.  

Utilizing our expert relationships with manufacturers and vendors, manual sourcing through OptiBoM™ provides a cost-efficient solution to obtaining spare part data that is critical for ensuring the correct spare is ordered.

Below is an overview of a typical BoM enhancement project using OptiBoM™



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