Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS)

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Optimizing well design and assuring single relief well contingency

Add Energy and Trendsetter Engineering have combined expertise to provide market leading engineering and hardware to optimize well design and assure single relief well contingency.

Figure 7 - RWIS ready for mobilization copy_LQThe Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) is a patented specialist subsea equipment that enables operators to stop a blowout from prolific reservoirs safely and efficiently via a single relief well. This is made possible with the RWIS by increasing the pump rate of kill mud into the blowing well by removing the bottle-neck caused by restrictive choke and kill lines from the surface vessel to the seabed.

The RWIS has been designed and built to significantly increase the pumping capacity of a single relief well by pumping in excess of 200 barrels of kill mud per minute through a single relief well, four times as much kill fluid as typically achievable. A significant advance for the industry which utilizes multiple vessels as opposed to the alternative method requiring multiple relief wells.

In addition to the RWIS assuring single relief well contingency, the RWIS also enables operators to optimize well economics and help unlock projects that wouldn’t normally be sanctioned. In purchasing access rights to the RWIS, operators are able to comply with legislation and reduce the number of wells required to meet production targets by increasing the completion size of the well bore, reducing CAPEX costs and maximizing production.

Benefits of using the RWIS:


During project development:

  • Complies with legislation and company policy by guaranteeing single relief well contingency
  • Enables the completion size of the well bore to be increased, maximizing well flow rates
  • Allows production targets to be met with fewer wells, assuring the project can be developed within budget
  • Helps to build a business case for project sanction

During a hydrocarbon release:

  • Enables rapid kill of a blowing well – through high rate pumping of kill fluids into a blowing well
  • Improves safety of a well kill operation through a simplified solution
  • Enables relocation of pumping and storage off the rig to dedicated pumping vessels
  • Ensures no rig modifications are required or interference with primary well control equipment
  • Allows easy mobilization and transportation due to weight and size

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Optimize well economics using the RWIS

When the unthinkable happens

Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) - Facilitates single relief well contingency

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